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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Resort and Spa - Munduk Moding Plantation Resort & Spa


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Adventure and Culture Package
USD  699.00  
The Packages from Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation
Venturing into the ancient Gobleg civilization
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This package will allow you to understand the untold story of Dalem Tambingan Kingdom otherwise known as Indu Gobeg and Gobleg - the location of Munduk Moding Plantation.Dalem Tamblingan and Gobleg have been revered by the people of central and northern Bali as a cultural and spiritual centre for nearly two thousand years.

Most of the sites you’ll be visiting in this package are located in the middle of the verdant nature surrounding MMP, allowing you to combine adventure and culture.

Day 1:
Check in at our resort in the morning, enjoy the guided tour of our plantation, sample some of our fruits and then relax at our infinity pool.
After lunch, we will take you to visit Bali’s botanical garden located at Bedugul which will provide you with a primer on the trees and flowers found around the island, especially those that you’ll find in the rainforest area near MMP.You’ll then visit “Tree tops” - which will give you an opportunity to climb through the canopy of majestic trees, exercising your muscles and testing your fitness. There are three different levels, from easy to strenuous.

Day 2:
Enjoy breakfast beside our infinity pool.
Starting from MMP you will walk through our neighbour’s plantations covered with coffee, hortensia, oranges, pass a bamboo grove on your way to Bencingah Temple. This is a spiritual gate temple to Tamblingan Lake. We will perform “matur piuning” a good luck wishing procession before proceeding to the sacred lake. Afterward our staff will take you to Ulun Danu Tamblingan Temple through dense tropical rainforest.
You’ll then proceed to Dalem Tamblingan Temple where you can observe an ancient lingam yoni, a stoneage heritage. During the long dry season, local people pray here for rain to ensure they get enough water for their plantation. In addition, our staff will explain the function of this temple. After a short break, we will start climbing Mount Lesong, arriving at sacred springs named ‘Yeh Mua’ after a treck of about an hour. This spring is considered holy by the locals. Therefore, we will carry out a “cleansing” procession here.
Then we will climb to the top of Mount Lesong (1860 meters) where Padma Ngelayang temple is located. This is the highest and holiest place in North Bali. You pray or meditate here should you wish to do so. Alternatively you can relax and enjoy the bird’s eye view of Buyan, Tamblingan and Beratan lakes. A lunch box will be served here. Afterwards, we will walk down via different route passing by Naga Loka Cave which is believed to be the deepest and longest cave in North Bali. The car will be waiting for you at the parking area and bring you back to MMP.The very energetic can extend the visit to lake Tamblingan by taking to its waters in a local dug out canoe. A unique opportunity to canoe the still and deep waters of Bali’s smallest lake - located in the caldera of an extinct vulcanoe and surrounded by rainforest.

Day 3:
Breakfast will be served beside our infinity pool.Starting from MMP, you will walk to Batu Madeg Temple, literally temple of the standing stone. Heading down further we will reach Siwa’s temple with its unique springs. The locals always come to this temple and ask for its holy water to complete the ceremonies. Afterward we will proceed to Pemulungan Agung Temple, the central temple for the Kingdom of “Dalem Tamblingan”. It has a unique architecture with terraced rice fields as a back ground.
In the afternoon, our therapist will pamper you with a traditional Balinese massage which will help you unwind as you ponder the experiences of the past days.The programme ends with a local delicacy and tea or coffee served on our terrace or in one of the bale bengongs on the plantation.

Note:Low Season Specials at 599 USD
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