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Sustainability Workshops


Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) believes that a close relationship and integration between humans, nature, and the environment (Tri Hita Karana), is key for dealing with the environmental stresses and pressures on the island due to the rapid development of Bali tourism over the years. MMP integrates the basic principles of Tri Hita Karana in our operations striving for a genuinely sustainable tourism that is economically, socially, and environmentally viable. In line with this mission, Munduk Moding Plantation offers a selection of workshops that allow our guests to experience our sustainability practices that have long been our basic principles in running the hotel.

  • Candle Making from used Cooking Oil

    If you see candles on our restaurants’ tables, they are the final product of one of our sustainability practices. Candle making is a program in which you learn how to make candles with used cooking oil as the basic ingredients. Used cooking oil has a negative impact on the environment if it is not utilized for something useful and we are keen to contribute to reducing environmental stresses where we can.

    In this workshop, you will be guided by our Sustainability Team members. It is held at our Soap Tree Workshop Hall, a structure built from recycled materials that represents sustainability. The colourful concrete columns are covered with recycled plastic plates made in our very own Plastic Recycling Center. The Workshop tiles are made from a mix of recycled glass and cement.

  • Bamboo Straw Making

    Due to the nature of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to decompose, it is well known that plastic waste is one of the major causes of environmental pollution, including soil and sea pollution. To decrease the daily production of plastic waste, our team uses eco-friendly bamboo straws as one of our green practices.

    Not only do we provide bamboo straws for our guests, we offer guests the chance to take part in the process of making bamboo straws. In this workshop, our team will show you how to make customized straws from bamboo, a material that is eco-friendly and reusable.

  • Kids English Class

    Kids English Class is an English teaching program that is aimed at elementary school students from around MMP, specifically Gobleg Village. Classes are held free of charge, but students who attend are asked to bring plastic waste from home as a form of payment. We hope to introduce concepts of sustainability by developing human resources through English language education and teaching about the harmful nature of plastic waste.

    This class is held on Sundays, and we encourage our guests to participate by helping to assist in these classes.

  • Handicraft Workshop from used Paper

    In this workshop, you will be invited to put paper waste to use to make handicrafts that have aesthetic value. Handicrafts that can be made include photo frames and bokor (a container to place offerings for Balinese people). In this workshop, you will be guided by our Sustainability Team members, held at our Soap Tree Workshop Hall.

  • Soap Making from used Cooking Oil

    In this program, guests learn how to make soap with used cooking oil as the base ingredient. Used cooking oil has a negative impact on the environment if it is not utilized for something useful and we are keen to contribute to reducing environmental stresses where we can. This workshop is held at our Soap Tree Workshop Hall where you will be guided by our Sustainability Team members.

  • Reforestation

    Munduk Moding Plantation is committed to sustainability, and reforestation is a key part of our responsible land management practices. We dedicate resources to replanting and nurturing the surrounding forests, replenishing the local ecosystem and mitigating our carbon footprint.

    Reforestation ensures that our natural surroundings remain vibrant and healthy, preserving the delicate balance of flora and fauna in the region. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and a sustainable future.

  • Bamboo & Wood Carving

    At Munduk Moding Plantation, we celebrate Balinese art and culture through our Bamboo & Wood Carving activity. This unique experience offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of this ancient craft from local artisans and create your own masterpieces inspired by the beauty of Bali.

    This enriching experience deepens your connection to Balinese traditions, fostering a sense of community and cultural appreciation. Join us to immerse yourself in Balinese culture and take home a piece of its artistic legacy.

  • Recycled Plastic Bracelet Making

    Munduk Moding Plantation's Bracelet Making Workshop is a fun and sustainable activity where you can create your own stylish bracelets from discarded plastic materials. This initiative highlights our commitment to reducing our environmental impact by upcycling plastic waste. It is also a valuable lesson in sustainable living. Join us to create a unique keepsake from Munduk Moding Plantation and do your part for the planet.

  • Handicraft Making from Plastic Bags

    This engaging workshop empowers guests to upcycle discarded plastic bags into beautiful items, reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainable craftsmanship. Guided by local artisans, participants weave, cut, and mold plastic bags into unique creations. This initiative complements our broader sustainability efforts, allowing guests to contribute to reducing plastic pollution while taking home meaningful, eco-conscious souvenirs. Join us in transforming plastic bags into art, one handcrafted piece at a time.

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