Balinese Kids Dance Performance


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Balinese Kids Dance Performance

Traditional Balinese dances have a rich history in Bali, representing the oldest form of performing arts in the region. These dances can be categorized into two types: sacred dances performed during ceremonies and entertainment dances meant for enjoyment.

In our dedication to supporting the local community and preserving Balinese culture, we have taken the initiative to invite children from neighboring villages to participate in traditional Balinese dance classes held at our resort. With the assistance of a skilled instructor and authentic costumes, we provide a platform for these young dancers to learn and showcase their talents. It has been a joy to witness the enthusiasm of the children, particularly the girls, who have become regular attendees of these classes.

In celebration of their progress, we are delighted to present an evening of entertainment dances performed by these talented kids. We take great pride in their achievements and are honored to provide them with an opportunity to share their passion for traditional Balinese dance with our valued guests.

  • Every Saturday at MiMPi Restaurant Green Area 7.00 to 07.45 p.m.

Rate: Free of Charge

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