One Evening with Patus Bali


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One Evening with Patus Bali

Patus Bali is the designation for a Traditional Balinese Chef who respects religious customs while preparing exquisite food. At MMP, you can take part in the One Evening with Patus Bali program. You will be invited to cook Balinese food and become Patus Bali’s assistant for one evening. You will not only learn to cook Balinese food, but you will also dress in traditional Balinese clothes and learn how local Balinese people serve food during religious ceremonies. Do you want to live the full experience of cooking Balinese food while learning more about Balinese traditions and ceremonies? Do not wait any longer and sign up for the One Evening with Patus Bali program!

  • Every Monday, Thursday, & Sunday at 06.00 pm at our Kaki Lima

  • Book a day in advance || Maximum capacity 4 persons

Rate: IDR 690,000/person

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    0368 2080 123

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