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Munduk Moding Plantation is built on an organic coffee plantation and we are trying to preserve, as best as we can, the natural resources and the beautiful landscape in this area which, certainly compared to the South of the Island, has very limited international tourism. We have embarked on a journey to improve day by day and year after year our hotel’s efficiency and to reduce to the maximum extent our impact on the environment. We were one of the Green Globe’s earliest members in Bali and work with Bali’s premier green networks such as Book Greener, The Punch Community, and KemBali Becik. We have also officially been awarded the prestigious Travelife Gold Certification in 2024, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism. Over time, we want to reach carbon neutrality in our operations. We have fully involved our staff in this decision and also provide information to our guests who are invited to participate:


    We harvest rainwater which covers a significant proportion of our water needs and process all waste water in our Ecological Waste Water Treatment Facility (EWWTF). The water produced by the EWWTF is clean enough to be used to water our plantation.


    All waste is sorted. All of our organic waste is composted at our Composting site and used to fertilise the plantation. Single use plastic is banned at the plantation. We process plastic, used papers, and used cooking oil to produce items such as candles, photo frames, and amenities for our hotel.

    We also set up a “Waste Bank”. Waste Bank is a concept of collecting & segregating solid waste that involves systems such as banking, but what is saved is not money but waste. This programme collects used plastics from our local community which we aim to transform into works of art, utensils and building materials at our recycling center. In this way, our neighbors will be paid for cleaning up the environment, local artists and craftsmen will be given new opportunities and the plastic waste will be turned into desirable new items. Since the operations are up and running, our guests are able to participate in this through workshops.


    We operate the largest solar electricity facility in our region and are studying how to install a micro-hydro plant. Regular energy audits and efficiency drives have cut our energy consumption even as MMP has grown. We aim to reduce energy consumption by 5% annually.


    Staff is trained in environmental management issues and our sustainability manager has a cross cutting responsibility to promote sustainability across all of MMP’s operations. Our Green team reaches out to the local community and schools and invites them to participate in our green activities such as regular clean ups of nearby lakes and waterfalls.


    We offer a number of environmental workshops to our guests (candle making; soap making, and handicraft) and MMP welcomes all suggestions on how our sustainability practices can be improved with real interest.


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Our Green Team

Our Green Team continuously works with the local community to reduce environmental stresses. Examples of our efforts concern: waterfall and lake clean ups, removing plastic dumps and hazardous waste. The Green Team has provided waste bins to the village allowing waste to be sorted and therefore more safely processed. In addition, the Green Team also contributes 1000 trees to the neighborhood every year to preserve its natural beauty and protect the water tables. We believe that the best way to do so is to take concrete actions, alongside a well-themed symbolic ceremony. This should help transform the mindset to be more caring, loving, and appreciative of Mother Nature.

Reforesting - Plant Your Own Tree

At Munduk Moding Plantation, we are deeply committed to the environment, and our reforesting activity is a testament to that dedication. Through this sustainable initiative, we plant a variety of indigenous trees, creating a lush, biodiverse landscape that not only enhances the beauty of our surroundings but also contributes to the overall well-being of the ecosystem. By actively engaging in reforestation, we aim to combat deforestation, promote biodiversity, and protect the natural habitats of countless species.

Our reforesting activity is not just about planting trees; it is a meaningful step towards preserving the unique ecology of our region. With the involvement of our guests, local communities, and dedicated team members, we are fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and creating a positive impact that extends beyond the boundaries of our resort. Together, we are sowing the seeds of a greener, more sustainable future.

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